Why FunctionFit?

FunctionFit stands for Functional Fitness. When you are starting an exercise program, chances are you are looking to improve your life and make things that are challenging much easier. Selecting the right exercise is the first step; performing the exercise with the correct form is the next to decrease chances of injury and promote exercise longevity. The third step is hiring a training to make sure step 1 and 2 are covered; to progress workouts, making them more challenging as your fitness level improves and keeping you motivated to work towards your goals.

My name is Ethan Kelly. I am a graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Fleming College, a Canfitpro- Personal Training Specialist, CycleOne Instructor and Yogafit Level 1 Instructor. Health and Fitness has been my passion for many years and now my passion has evolved to help everyone I can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.